Generation: One – Plots and Plans

Argh. Cutting this post in half so I can get something up tonight.

Hopefully you’ll get the next bit tomorrow, maybe Saturday.


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Generation: One – A Family Trend

Generation: One – Chapter Thirty Five

Part 2! I’m mostly on track right now! (Bad news, my mum is up for a fairly major operation in a few weeks, and is likely to spend most of the six weeks following sleeping in the guest room/study where I play. I’ll try play ahead as much as I can and update from my laptop instead).

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Generation: One – That Was A Prediction, Not A Suggestion!

Generation: One – Chapter Thirty-Four

So, it was only going to be a week. Then my game was evil and slow, and I had a bit of a chaotic fortnight ( the big events, in order: Got a story accepted to an Anthology; Was asked to stand for election to the committee of a charity I volunteer at; Broke up with my now ex-boyfriend after 2 1/2 years; Celebrated my 21st birthday; Started a new trimester at Uni). Now it all seems to have settled down (please, please be settled) so I’m back. Finally.

I guess life reflects art?

Anyway, so much happened on Weston’s birthday that I’m going to break it into 2-3 parts. You’ll get part two tomorrow night, I guess?

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Generation: One – Marking Time

Generation: One – Chapter Thirty Three

I’m about to go off on holiday for a week. Hopefully I’ll have some internet, but can’t make any guarantees unless I find a Starbucks. Nothing really happens in this chapter, I’ll admit. I’m mostly just trying to post something to keep the rhythm up, so that when I come back it will only have been a week since I updated, not two, and I won’t get sucked down the rabbit-hole of guilt.

I promise that the next chapter will be full of excitement though. If you’ve seen me moaning on facebook, you’ll know there’s a death coming up – feel free to place your bets. Will it be a family member? One of the pets? Another random townie? (I really miss the stray ghost cat from the early days – I wonder if you can revive pets somehow?)

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Generation: One – Perfection

Generation: One – Chapter Thirty Two

And back again. Sorry guys, things got moderately busy (but cool news! I’ve submitted three stories to an actual legit anthology! Fingers crossed!) and hopefully I’ll do better in future. Anyway, I’m on uni break now, so I should have more time for simming, even if I still don’t have quite enough patience (I just have to last another few days until Arma grows up. It shouldn’t be so hard!)

Oh, um, trigger warnings abound from here on out. Click this post here for more info

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Arma’s Career Poll

This is the second post today, and the prior one is an actual legit chapter and everything, so don’t skip over it by accident!

So, I’m sitting, and thinking about Arma’s future a little. He’s off to uni soon, so I really need to pick a good major for him and decide where he’s going in life.

I’ve made a list of all the careers I think might suit, and that I can probably justify in game. You can pick basically as many as you want.

I’m just sort of looking at ideas here. I can’t guarantee that the results will be binding, but I’m feeling kind of uncertain about where to go. If you want to ask why I think X or Y might suit, feel free to ask before you cast your votes (but basically they all fall under either ’embrace and live up to evil nature in some way’ or ‘reject and strive to overcome evil nature in some way’). As I said. I’m just struggling to make up my mind, and figure I might as well see what you all think.

As far as current skills go, I’ve done a University Aptitude Test for him, and he gets the full 400 points in Technology, Fine Arts, and Physical Education, 183 points in Business, 181 in Science and Medicine, and a mere 100 in Communications. But I’ve got 5 more days to up his skills in those weak areas, and I’ll probably be doing so anyway to get him a better scholarship.

Generation: One – Homecoming

Generation: One – Chapter Thirty One

Again, not too plotty. But fairly long. Mostly just photos I wanted to get in somehow. (But one set of photos might matter later…)

Sorry, there appears to be a problem where one particular screenshot refuses to display. Refreshing won’t change things, I’m afraid, you’re better off opening the picture in a new window.

Anyway, there’s a non-binding poll in the next post. Check it out when you’ve finished reading. Or before. I’m off to play slowly through my oh-so-laggy save file while I wait for your opinions.


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